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EZ Micro: Front of building with EZ Micro van parked in front in Whitehall, PA

Meet EZ Micro

Since 1992, our approach to IT has been to provide computer and technology-managed consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses that give them the experience of having an IT department for a fraction of the cost. Our differentiator is our service; you will think of us as part of your team. This is accomplished through our culture which is based on the premise that if our team is happy and treated right, they will in turn treat our clients the same way. We have a team that is dedicated to service and ready to take your call.

Our Mission Statement

To be your trusted partner through technology.

Our Purpose

To change our clients’ view of technology by providing a strategic approach to IT management and cyber security with dedication to execution and proactivity.

Core Values

Make it Right
Humble Confidence
Deliver the Wow!

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Business Owners Need An IT Expert That Can Work As Part Of Their Team.

As a business owner, Mike Jenkins knew that he couldn’t do it all himself, so he decided to bring in an expert to be proactive about PC health. That’s when EZ Micro got involved.

Technology Managers Need Someone To Help With The Heavy Lifting.

As a Technology Manager, Tim knew that he needed someone to help him manage the day-to-day operations, as well as the big projects. So, EZ Micro stepped in to become part of the team.

Office Managers Need A Team That Can Eliminate IT Fires, Not Just Put Them Out.

Debbie knows that as the Office Manager of a company that keeps important health records, she needs someone to help put out fires and keep electronic medical records protected. She needed a magic wand. EZ Micro is that magic wand.