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Cloud Computing


Keeping your information in the cloud allows you and your staff to access information wherever and whenever you need it. If you’re looking to take advantage of the cloud or improve your current environment, we work with you to define and implement the right solution within your budget.

Common Solutions:

  • Office 365 – for email, OneDrive Teams and so much more
  • Cloud file sharing – share files with others no matter where they are
  • PC Cloud Backup – backup your PC no matter where you are
  • Disaster Recovery – Make sure all of your servers are backed up to the cloud in the event of a disaster
  • Line of Business Applications – most software solutions offer cloud options these days, find out if it makes sense for you
  • Hosted Servers – relocation servers to the cloud
  • Hosted PCs- run your PC in the cloud and access it with any device

Here’s EZ Micro’s David Dooley explaining more about the cloud.

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