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I turned 50 a few weeks ago, and sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Jetsons.  For those of you out there who are too young to remember “The Jetsons” cartoon—tough, look it up.  You’re young; you have the energy. 🙂

Remember when George would come home and be exhausted because he had to push the red button “3 TIMES IN ONE DAY”? I remember thinking how silly that was—pushing a button 3 times is nothing!  He’s so lazy!

But now here we are, 40 years later and I’m reading about the possibility of flying luggage.  Yes, that’s right.  A flying suitcase that will move with you and requires no effort at all on your part (except to push a button).  I don’t know why this one is so exciting to me.   Maybe I’m lazy?  Maybe I’m just fascinated with new technology?

Anyway, when I saw this article about a flying suitcase that walks with you, I knew I had to have one someday (still in development).  Although this desire is purely a want—not a need (I probably use a suitcase only a few times a year), I can still rationalize it as something essential.  Carrying a suitcase is heavy.  What if it’s an extremely long walk?  What if I broke my arm and can’t carry it?  What if an asteroid hit and I need to run really fast to get away and I need to keep my luggage with me?  See?  Completely necessary!

I love the technological progress that we are making as a society in many ways.  It is exciting and genuinely life changing.  However, are we getting closer and closer as a society to the point where pushing a red button becomes a chore?

When I carry a suitcase, it uses my arm muscles.  If I relegate everything to technology, what will happen to my body?

There are so many new advances that we depend on to make our lives better.  Just think about how people used to wash clothes.   Would you like to use a washboard every week? No, neither would I.  Lifesaving insulin pumps that regulate diabetes are commonly used. There are even computers that are beginning to help quadriplegics.

I don’t want to disparage or take away from all the incredible advances that enhance our lives.  I just want to consider—are we creating new health issues by relying too much on technology to make our lives easier?

I may consider posting a picture of the “big red button” in my kitchen, and the next time I have a choice of using an electric can opener or a regular one, maybe I’ll use the regular one….

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I actually prefer the manual can opener!!! 🙂

Hello Hillery,

I enjoy your monthly musings. I do miss talking with you at the monthly lunches. Maybe in a year or two?

Tom E.

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