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7 Secret Essentials of Safe Computing

Did you know...

  • There were more than 1.46 million ransomware attacks detected in one year. That is 4,000 per day!
  • Most businesses are not “hacked”. The bad guys are let in through the front door.
  • Cybersecurity is not a computer problem – it’s a human problem!

Concerned? Afraid? These scary and somewhat unknown facts are what inspired EZ Micro to create a book about safe computing.

At EZ Micro, we believe it is everyone's responsibility for safe computing. Let us show you how to stay safe.

Client safety is one of our top priorities at EZ Micro Solutions. In our journey to create a safe environment for our clients, we discovered important issues that we believe everyone should know.

With more than 25 years in business and the combined experience of thousands of hours among our professional IT staff, EZ Micro has put together important information that we hope you find to be of value to your organization.

If you have any questions along the way, always feel free to call us for help!

EZ Micro Book: 7 Secret Essentials of Safe Computing

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