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How old of a computer will run Windows 10?

It’s not based on age, it’s really based on the specs of the computer. So you could have an older computer that was 7 or 8 years old that was a very high power computer back then and it will still meet the specs of Windows 10. You could put a new SSD drive in it. An SSD drive is the newer style of hard drive which is significantly faster than the older hard drives. The thing that we really recommend to people is that if you can’t afford to get a new computer, add an SSD drive. For roughly around $100, you can actually upgrade your computer and have a fairly decent Windows 10 computer without having to buy a whole new computer. Obviously, a new computer is going to be faster and a better option. However, if you don’t have the ability to get a new computer and you really need Windows 10, that’s the best recommendation we can give you. It really has to do with the performance of the computer. I can tell you that I have an old home computer here that’s 8 or 9 years old. I put Windows 10 on with an SSD drive and it runs just fine.

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