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Security & Safety

Last month, I included an article about someone getting hacked through an air fryer. An air fryer – really? I kept thinking about that one since I first read it. Honestly, if someone can get in through an air fryer, what chance do I have to stay safe? Why not give up and let what happens happen? What kind of damage could someone really do to me?

Before I started working at EZ Micro, my husband set up two factor authentication on our computers at home. If you don’t know what two factor authentication is, a code is texted to you that must be entered in order to get into the program or computer that you are logging into. Without that code – no luck – no admittance. Well, it never failed – I would be upstairs on my laptop and my phone would be downstairs… so inconvenient.

When I started working at EZ Micro, it finally hit me when I first heard my boss say, “Security isn’t convenient”. Something clicked. I had been annoyed at the inconvenience of two factor authentication, but was not seeing the bigger picture of the damage that could be done without it.

We do things every day without a thought to help keep us safe that we would not dream of giving up. Do they take a few seconds out of our day? Sure, but the benefit far outweighs the inconvenience. Like fastening my seatbelt when I get in my car, but I don’t think twice because of the safety it ensures. Brushing my teeth every night, but it keeps me from getting cavities. So, while it may be annoying to make sure my appliances have safety features, it’s very necessary.

While it’s much easier to ignore what’s going on around us and think we’ll be safe, we can’t do that anymore. We need to put in the effort to secure our devices whether it is at work or at home to protect ourselves and our information.

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