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Live Q & A April 22nd


Information Technology Questions

Thank you for joining us. Here is a list of the questions that were asked today. We have also included the time the question is in the feed, in case you would like to skip ahead to a specific question.


What are the most common threats that people need to look out for in terms of IT? … 1:35

What is the cloud and how does it work? … 4:09

How old of a computer will still run Windows 10 …. 7:03

Are all the browsers safe – why or why not? … 8:44

If I’m buying a computer, what specs should I look for? … 10:09

What is the difference between a secure and non secure browser session? … 14:09

How a can I print at home if I am remoted in to work? … 15:53

How can I close a program if I’m stuck and  I’m remoted into work? … 18:09

Can I email my password to someone? … 19:46

If you are not supposed to use the same password at multiple websites, what’s the best way to keep track of all of them? … 22:59

Is it safe to take the fun Facebook quizzes? … 25:51

How can I tell if an email is spam? …27:39

How can I make my computer run faster? … 30:36

Is Zoom really safe? … 33:15

Does antivirus software really work on home PC? … 37:57



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