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Live Q & A April 29th

Information Technology Questions

Thank you for joining us. Here is a list of the questions that were asked today. We have also included the time the question is in the feed, in case you would like to skip ahead to a specific question.


What is the cloud? … :11

How old of a computer will still run on Windows 10?…. 2:02

Is it safe to plug my phone into charge in a public place?… 4:57

Can my phone be scanned from other people if they are standing near me?… 6:01

Is it safe to keep my credit card information on my phone? … 9:07

Should I use free Wi-Fi offered in a public place? … 11:22

How often do I need to change my password? … 14:32

What is the dark web and how do I know if I’m on it?… 16:27

How do I know if a website is safe to download a file from?… 20:12

Why do ads show up on Facebook for an item you just searched for on the web?… 22:42

What are the strangest ways you’ve heard of a hacker getting into a network? … 4:34

What is Office 365?… 29:15

My laptop battery is dying – should I replace it or get a new computer? … 31:27

What should I do if I get notified that a site that I use has gotten hacked? And can a zoom meeting get hacked?… 32:45

Are there any alternatives or something better than zoom?… 37:57

Is there an app for teams and do you have to have all of Office 365 to get teams? … 40:52

Is apple safer than android? … 42:40


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