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Webcams: What do I need to know?

Any other year, webcams might not be big news. But this year… webcams are indispensable!

The question is… Are they safe?

Everyone knows hackers can easily hijack webcams and watch us. However, most of us think we are too boring for a hacker to bother with. But we may be more interesting than we think… Hackers can use the camera to watch someone enter an alarm code. Hackers can watch you type when you log into your bank account. They even watch you so they can learn your schedule and when they can break-in.

How do you stay safe?

• Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection
• Beware of Remote Access Tools
• Cover it up!

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection

Hackers can easily use tools and phishing techniques to hijack webcams. Using (and keeping updated) Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware will help prevent trouble if you click on a bad link. Use well-known and trusted products that give you advanced protection for your PC.

Golden Rules of Virus Defense
• Always run up-to-date antivirus software.
• Avoid opening email from unknown senders.
• Don’t click on suspicious email attachments.
• Don’t click on enticing links sent through email, instant messages or posted on social media.
• Only download files from trusted and legitimate sources.

Beware of Remote Access Tools

With the recent surge in working from home, many users have needed IT support for their home PCs. Remote access tools can be used for legitimate reasons such as technical support, but make sure you can trust the source of your support or you could be giving a hacker access. Remote access Trojans are good at hiding their presence on a computer, so a victim may not even know it has been installed.

Cover it up!

When you’re not using the webcam, cover it up! As elementary and simplistic as it sounds, it’s a very effective technique. You can find webcam blockers at places like Amazon, YouTube easy DIY videos or

Securing your wireless network is also crucial to preventing a hack of these cameras.

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