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Live Q & A May 6th

Information Technology Questions

Thank you for joining us. Here is a list of the questions that were asked today. We have also included the time the question is in the feed, in case you would like to skip ahead to a specific question.


Why does my internet go down so much? …1:01

How many monitors can I hook up to my computer and why do people have more than one monitor? …. 3:15

I have two monitors but they are both showing the same thing? …5:22

What is the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365? …8:21

How can I get a fax to my computer now that I’m home? …12:43

How do I connect my zoom to Facebook live? …14:27

I need a new printer now that I’m working from home, which is better, inkjet or laser? …15:31

I read somewhere that zoom wasn’t secure. Is Microsoft Teams a secure option for video meetings? Does it cost anything? …16:45

I heard you talking about the importance of and SSD.  I don’t have one, do I need to buy a whole new computer to get one? …20:30

Why can’t I edit a PDF file? …22:17

How can I create a PDF file? … 24:12

I called Tech support for an issue and they wanted to log onto my screen to see what I’m doing.  Is that safe? …26:17

I thought a PDF was created so it couldn’t be edited. Is that the case? …29:50

You mentioned a dark web scan last time – how can I do that to see if I am on there?…31:20

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