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Live Q & A May 13th

Information Technology Questions

Thank you for joining us. Here is a list of the questions that were asked today. We have also included the time the question is in the feed, in case you would like to skip ahead to a specific question.


What is Cyber Insurance and do I need it? If so, why? …1:08

How can I protect my company from being hacked? …3:22

What is the difference between cloud servers versus physical servers? ….5:15

I just purchased my first company and the former owners were not focused on technology. I want to change that mindset. What advice can you provide for a new business owner on how to begin implementing technology into the workplace? …7:00

Do you prefer Macs or Windows Machines for an Office Environment? Why? …9:25

What percentage of budgeted funds would you recommend be set aside on an annual basis for organizations both large and small? …11:48

What is SharePoint and why do I need it? How can it be used? …13:38

s encryption important? What exactly is it? …15:50

Do you have any good business or leadership resources that you can recommend? …17:13

How often should computers be replaced? …18:45

What do you do with your old computer? …19:58

Do you recommend having separate wireless networks in a business like a guest network? Why or why not? …22:11

I’m a business owner that has to terminate an employee. This employee has email and network access and was the primary contact for a lot of our contracts since their communication was conducted primarily through email. How can I still continue to get the email but restrict their access? Is that possible? ….23:51

How do I communicate and keep my Team Members on the same page when they are working remotely? …25:35




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